MOPS & MOMSnext Meeting 10/18

Hello, Ladies! We have our first pot luck on Tuesday! I think the pot luck nights are my favorite because we get to try a little piece of each one of you!! Below is a list of what we all signed up to bring ūüėÄ We will see everyone on Tuesday!!


Main Dishes – Chilli (Delayna) & A Salad (Alissa)

Side Dishes – Pineapple Casserole (Kim), Corn Bread (Mandy) & Fresh Veggies and Dip (Anonymous)

Beverages – Cider (Kathy) & Juice (Emily)

Dessert – Pumpkin Bars (Natalie) & Apple Pie (Melissa)

Kids Meals

Main Dish – TBD (Talitha)

Side Dishes – Apples (Alissa) & Carrots and celery w/dip (Casey)

Beverage – Juice (Kathy)

Dessert – Banana Bread w/o nuts (Tabitha)

Wine Cork Pumpkins

So this is the craft that we’ll be doing Tuesday night. The corks are being donated by Rove Estate – thank you! We do need everyone to bring a hot glue gun and glue sticks if you have one. This will make this craft go swiftly and ensure everyone gets a chance to complete at least one pumpkin! I am SO excited to do this craft!

MOPS Tonight!

MOPS and MOMSnext is meeting again tonight! Same bat-station, same bat-channel (Immanuel Lutheran Church in Leland at 5:45PM) !  Dinner and childcare are provided!

I don’t know about you, but I feel like this awesome lady in this video on our MOPS days. Who agrees with me?!

We saw her on stage at the MOMCON this last weekend and she is just as much of an inspirational speaker and she is a flawless dancer!  ENJOY!

Welcome Back! Our first meeting

Welcome back, Ladies! Wow what an amazing and busy summer! I enjoyed my summer but boy am I glad to be back to a routine…who’s with me?!

We had our first meeting of the season last week and it was so great to see so many returning faces and SO INCREDIBLY refreshing to see new ones as well!

This year’s theme is “We are the starry eyed” and we are pretty excited about it. ¬†If you missed our meeting, check out this video from #MOPS that decpicts perfectly what we’re in for this yearūüôā

At the meeting we handed out magnets for your fridge with the dates for our year – please contact one of the members of the steering team if you did not get one!

We decided to bring back #MomsNext this year in a formal capacity. Natalie Korson and Kim Gordon will be coordinating Рthank you for stepping up ladies!  For those that are wondering what #MomsNext is Рit is the next step for those Moms that have children older than five years old. The discussions #MomsNext have are geared toward the older children and the stages you will be facing together. The bulk of what we do with #MOPS and #MomsNext will be together (eating and activities) just the discussions will be separate. If you have any questions on whether #MomsNext is right for you, contact Kim or Natalie.

Our next meeting is on October 4 and our meal is being provided by the churchūüôā

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Flower Fundraiser 2016

Hello Moms! Apparently it’s been a while since I’ve updated the blog and I’m super duper sorry about that! I’ll try to be better! I’ll have to do an update blog with all of the stuff we’ve done in the last 6 months! Lots of photos to share!

We’re doing a new fundraiser this spring in leu of the wreath fundraiser over the holidays. We will be utilizing a local (and fabulous) greenhouse Plantmasters of Suttons Bay. We are selling gift certificates for an 11″ Hanging Baskets Green or White Pot for $25 each. ¬†Once purchased the purchaser or gift recipient can go to Plantmasters of Suttons Bay and pick out their own plant! ¬†Plants may be picked up between the dates of May 1st-15th, 2016 ONLY. These are perfect for Mother’s Day gifts!!

The sale will be going on until the end of April. All money is due to Melissa by April 29th. The mom that sells the most certificates will receive a gift certificate for a MASSAGE (seriously, ladies! YOU WANT THIS!) You may make checks payable to Immanuel Lutheran Church.  Contact any of the steering team with any questions you may have!  Happy Selling!

Here is a link to download the PDF form to keep track of your sales!


Also feel free to download the image below and share it on your social media avenues to sell to a larger crowd!


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10/20 Pot Luck

Our dinner tomorrow night is pot luck and the theme this week is SALADS! Here is the list of what everyone signed up to bring. If you did not get a chance to sign up and would like to bring something please feel free to fill in one of the blanks and comment below with what you’ll be bringing or let one of the leadership team members know and we’ll get you on the list. Likewise, if you cannot make the meeting and you did sign up for something, please let one of us know so we can have your part of the meal covered. ¬†Thanks!


Antipasta Salad – Melissa
Itailian Noodle Salad – Delayna Steffans
Kale Salad – Alissa
**we could probably use another salad or two here…

Beverage – Sangria sans the alcohol – Kathy

Dessert – Snickers Salad – Mandy Jelinek


Macaroni Salad – Alissa
Carrots – Mandy
Some other fruit or veggie – Natalie
Homemade Apple Juice – Kathy
Dessert – Talitha

For our craft tomorrow night we will be updating and putting together Quiet Bags for the smallish ones to use during service at the church. This will be one of the service projects that we’ll be doing this year. Please bring with you anything you might think would be a good idea to add to the quiet bags or supplies to make activities for the kids (yarn, straws, felt, crayons, coloring books, pipe cleaners, pom poms, etc). Below are some links to the ideas that we found on Pinterest.

Let me know if you have ANY questions!

First Meeting 2015

Wow, what a great first meeting to kick off the year! It was so nice and refreshing to see so many returning faces as well as new members, too!


We kicked the evening off with our new pastor, Pastor Joshua Lafeve, telling us a little bit about himself and his family and leading us into prayer. I believe the church and MOPS/MOMSnext will be in good hands with him nearby.

Dinner was provided by the Steering Team and consisted of cookies from Ciceros and sandwiches from The Cheese Shop.  Everything was sooo yummy and it was soooo nice not to have to cook! There was not a shortage of conversations of summer adventures and first day of school stories Рit was as if we never had a hiatus between meetings.


New This Year

Thanksgiving Tree – This years theme is all about being thankful for the little and the big things that we encounter in our every day lives. To symbolize this we have created the MOPS/MOMSnext Thankgiving Tree. This tree will be at the entryway of each of our meetings and we encourage you to create an “ornament” out of the black discs provided with something or someone that you are thankful for or any prayers that you may want to share. Share as much as you want! I envision a full tree at the end of the year!


Can Drive – As I mentioned in a previous post, we will no longer be doing the wreath sale this holiday season. Instead we will be holding a Can Drive that is going on now! Everyone has until October 6th to collect pop or beer cans/bottles and bring them to the meeting that night. There’s no selling involved. Just simply asking your friends and neighbors for their recycling. It’s such a dirty job, nobody likes to do that anyway! Well, except for Winston, he loves it. Ha. So anyway…start/keep collecting and I’m sure we’ll have a good turnout. ¬†DOWNLOAD A FLIER FOR FACEBOOK SHARING HERE!

Nursery Help – All of our help from last year has gone off to college (darn that ol’ furthering ones’ education idea!) and has thus left us in a bit of a pickle for the Moppets Program. We have one girl that will be able to help but only after vollyball season ends which is mid-october. Last night we asked for volunteers to help in the nursery during the next few meetings and THANK YOU to all that did volunteer. A member of the Steering Team will be contacting you to see when you’d like to take ¬†your turn. However, we would like all of the Moms to be able to participate in our MOPS/MOMSnext nights so, in that spirit, please pray for a helper in the Moppets Program and/or if you know of someone that might be interested in the position (it is paid – so that could be an incentive!).


Newsletter – Melissa is our resident journalist. She puts out a kick-booty newsletter every month filled with updates, photos, member birthdays (new this year!), recipes and tons more. She’s super creative at it so we never really know what’s going to be in the next issue! SEE SEPTEMBER’S NEWSLETTER HERE. If you have a recipe or announcement that you’d like to share, contact Melissa at

Pot Lucks – Every other meeting we hold a pot luck for our dinner (kiddos, too). ¬†At the meeting prior we sign up for what we’d like to bring and you’ll find that list here on the blog and/or on our Facebook Group page. We will send out reminders as the pot luck meeting nears as if any of you are anything like me, I’d forget my head if it weren’t attached! ¬†Below is the sign up list for next week. The theme? MEXICAN!
9/22 Pot Luck List

First Meeting 9/8

It’s that time of year again! School is starting and so is MOPS and MOMSnext! Our first meeting is tomorrow, September 8th. We will be meeting at the usual place and usual time. ¬†Immanuel Lutheran Church on Pearl Street in Leland at 5:45pm. Childcare and dinner will be provided. We cannot wait to see all of the returning faces as well as some new ones too! ¬†We have a lot of fun in store for this year so share the joy and bring a friend as well!

Can Drive


Hello Ladies! This fall we are trying something new for a fundraiser (we will not be doing the wreath sale this winter). No, we’re not selling anything, you can thank us on Tuesday, ha ha! We are going to be collecting soda and beer cans/bottles and returning them for the Michigan Recycle Refund. ¬†All you have to do is reach out to your family and friends and ask for their cans and bottles. Bring them to the October 6th meeting and I (Kathy) will take on the task of taking them all back. It’s dirty work but hey, somebody’s got to do it! ¬†If anyone wants to volunteer to help in this task, I won’t deny anyone the pleasure! ¬†Let me know if you have any questions about this drive.

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Pot Luck – Tuesday May 5th

Hello ladies!  Thank to everyone who has already submitted photos for our MOPS Sunday Slideshow! We can still take some last minute photos so if you have ones of your families, you and your kiddos, any MOPS events, or just your kiddos please send them to and I will forward them to Tina Becker who is graciously putting the slideshow together for us.

At our last meeting we had 2 food sign up lists. One for the Pot Luck for our next meeting and one for the MOPS Sunday Morning.  The lists are below.  Please contact one of the steering team or comment on this post if you can add to these lists.

MOPS Sunday – May 3rd (Plan on about 75 people)

Kathy – Cookies
Brooke – Veggie tray
Erika – Fruit
Emily – Muffins
Rachel – Juice
Kristen Wilson – something maybe? Depends on junior’s arrival!!
Alissa – Eggbake
Amy – Mini Quiche
Melissa – Donut holes and muffins
Natalie – ?

Pot Luck Dinner – May 5th (Theme: Appetizers/Finger Foods)


Kathy – Mini Quiche
Brooke – Something Yummy
Amy – Spinache Artichoke Dip & Crustini
Erika – Something Yummy
Alissa – Hummis & Veggies
Rachel – Lemonaid & Cookies


Emily – Juice
Alissa – Tomato Soup
Kristen W – Bread
Melissa – Veggies
Natalie – Dessert

Pot Luck Meeting – March 17

Hello Mommies! ¬†Our next meeting is creeping up on us…and it just happens to be St. Patrick’s Day as well so, you guessed it, our theme for dinner this Tuesday is GREEN FOOD! ¬†Below is a list of our potluck list thus far, but it looks like we mostly need food for the kiddos this week.

Main: Kathy – Ham

Side: Kristen – Ramen Slaw Salad

Side: Caprese Salad

Dessert: Melissa

Beverage: Punch


Main Dish:

Side: Amy: Green Fruit





REMINDER: Please bring plastic containers with lids to the meeting on Tuesday (mayonaise and peanut butter are perfect!) ¬†for our I Spy craft. Make sure they are cleaned outūüôā