Find Your Fire Welcome Back!

Welcome back, Mamas! This year is going to be so amazing and MOPS and MOMSnext has given us a fierce theme and plan for us this year! So far we have to recent inductees, Miss Chloe (Mommy Casey) and Miss Emily (Mommy Megan). Baby snuggles all around - just remember to share ladies!! Here are … Continue reading Find Your Fire Welcome Back!


A Letter From Dianne & Esther

Dear MOPS & MOMSnext Moms,      Esther and I have felt it a privilege to be able to work with your children, over the years, each with their own unique personalities.  We have been able to use our creativity in finding projects and activities for them and have enjoyed sharing Bible stories, verses and truths to … Continue reading A Letter From Dianne & Esther

December 5th Meeting

  Hello Mamas! I cannot believe that November is nearly over! I hope everyone had a great weekend with their families. Looking forward, the stearing team has decided to move our holiday party to our next meeting, Tuesday, December 5th. We will be cancelling our formal meeting on 12/19, however, we are planning an informal … Continue reading December 5th Meeting