A Letter To My Sleepless Toddler

Dear Sleepless Toddler,

I love you. You are adorable. Why do you not sleep? Don’t you realize that these long late nights will eventually take their toll on your youthful appearance? Just take a look at the bags under mommy’s eyes…trust me it will happen.

As much as I treasure these quiet – sometimes – private times together, I would much rather treasure similar moments during normal human hours.

Soon you will be grown and I will be up at all hours of the night waiting for you to return home from your adventures with your friends. Please let Mommy sleep now so that I may have the energy in the future to deal with your antics then.

We will play in the morning and you can tell me all about your night dreams and adventures. We will make some memories and then we will do this whole night-time routine once again. But for once, please get some sleep…we both could use it ♡


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