10/20 Pot Luck

Our dinner tomorrow night is pot luck and the theme this week is SALADS! Here is the list of what everyone signed up to bring. If you did not get a chance to sign up and would like to bring something please feel free to fill in one of the blanks and comment below with what you’ll be bringing or let one of the leadership team members know and we’ll get you on the list. Likewise, if you cannot make the meeting and you did sign up for something, please let one of us know so we can have your part of the meal covered.  Thanks!


Antipasta Salad – Melissa
Itailian Noodle Salad – Delayna Steffans
Kale Salad – Alissa
**we could probably use another salad or two here…

Beverage – Sangria sans the alcohol – Kathy

Dessert – Snickers Salad – Mandy Jelinek


Macaroni Salad – Alissa
Carrots – Mandy
Some other fruit or veggie – Natalie
Homemade Apple Juice – Kathy
Dessert – Talitha

For our craft tomorrow night we will be updating and putting together Quiet Bags for the smallish ones to use during service at the church. This will be one of the service projects that we’ll be doing this year. Please bring with you anything you might think would be a good idea to add to the quiet bags or supplies to make activities for the kids (yarn, straws, felt, crayons, coloring books, pipe cleaners, pom poms, etc). Below are some links to the ideas that we found on Pinterest.





Let me know if you have ANY questions!


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