Happy Thanksgiving!

Hello Mamas! I want to start this post off just by saying how grateful I am for each and every one of your beautiful ladies.  Seriously, I don’t know what kind of mother I’d be if I didn’t have all of you in my life. Probably a frazzled, high strung and not-fun mom. And my kids & husband probably wouldn’t be as happy as they are (most of the time 😉 ).  THANK YOU for being YOU!

A few housekeeping items about our next meeting on December 6th. This is our only meeting in December!

Our meal will be provided by Jen Grant so no need to worry about bringing any food items.  How blessed are we to have our last 3 meals provided for us? What an amazing host church Immanuel Lutheran has been to us!

We are making this meeting our Holiday Party. It will be SO MUCH FUN you will not want to leave!! (Does anyone ever want to leave anyway? We’re a pretty awesome group of people!)

A few things about the 12/6 meeting:

  • Bring a white elephant gift – either a crafty item, baked goods or that pan that’s been in your truck for 3 months. Wrap it up and we’re going to play a game!
  • Wear your Ugly Holiday Sweaters!!!
  • We will be having a raffle of items that the steering team has picked out just for you gals so don’t miss this meeting! Lots of fun stuff!!!

November 15 Meeting Review

Wire Angel OrnamentThis meeting was a lot of fun as we had our entire MOPS and MOMSnext groups together to make wire angels to hand out at the Leelanau Christian Neighbors Baby Pantry moms that visit the pantry during the Christmas season.  Each one of us has special artistic abilities and each angle was unique which is why I ultimately loved this project. I hope each angel brings a little joy to a mom’s day!  Here’s a link to the project that I found on #Pinterest in case you want to try it out at home.

Wire Angel Ornament



November 1 Meeting Review

DID YOU KNOW… It takes millions of years for a star’s light to reach our eyes, meaning you are seeing stars from long ago. Looking at the night sky is like looking back in time 100,000 years. (reference)

Isn’t that crazy?! So this night the MOPS went just down the street (more like 6 or 7 blocks ha ha) to Talitha’s home where she had warm apple cider & a roaring backyard fire waiting for us. It was a beautiful night for stargazing with amazing women!  The moon was full and the stars were twinkling away. I think someone even saw a shooting star! It was amazing to put into perspective how small we actually are in comparison to the universe that surrounds us.  We also downloaded an app to see all of the constellations and planets up above which is pretty cool. I’ve showed it to the boys and they think it’s pretty awesome too. It’s free and worth a download!

Startracker for Android  Startracker for iPhone

Here are a few pictures from that night 🙂

download_20161123_183605 download_20161123_183558 download_20161123_183551

Before I sign off on this post, say a quick prayer for Melissa as she’s due to have Baby Girl, like yesterday! Pray for a swift and stress-free delivery and for a healthy baby and mama ❤

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!


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