Hello mamas! SO it’s that time of year again – SUB FUNDRAISER TIME! Our community really enjoys this fundraiser (and we make a pretty good profit from it) so here we go again!  SELL! SELL! SELL! We are only doing 2 fundraisers this year (this one and flowers in April/May) so please do your best to ask your friends and family if they’d like to support our group.  The person that sells the most subs will earn TWO FREE SUBS for her family!  All moneys and orders are due to Natalie by January 30th.

In addition to selling the subs, we will be assembling the subs together at Immanuel Lutheran Church in the basement on February 4th. Your support in helping out with this is highly encouraged!! The more people we have during the assembly period the quicker the process goes and the sooner we can get back to our families! If you can make it for the whole time we’re there – perfect! If you can only make it for an hour? That’s okay too!

If you have any questions regarding this sale, please don’t hesitate to ask myself or Natalie!

Download the flyer here –> superbowlsubsaleflyer_2017

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