A Letter From Dianne & Esther

Dear MOPS & MOMSnext Moms,

     Esther and I have felt it a privilege to be able to work with your children, over the years, each with their own unique personalities.  We have been able to use our creativity in finding projects and activities for them and have enjoyed sharing Bible stories, verses and truths to help teach them of the wonderful gifts that God has for each of us through believing in Jesus Christ.  

    But, the time has come for us to “retire” from our work with your children.  We both are looking forward to spending more time with our grandchildren, which requires more travel.  This time is precious to us, as you may well know.

   We thank you for allowing us to be a part of your MOPS family and will continue to keep all of you and your families in our prayers.  May God continue to bless and guide your group and each of your families.

In Christian Love,
Dianne & Esther

Dear Dianne & Esther,

Words cannot express the gratitude and appreciation that we have for the two of you. Your ability to connect with our littles over the years has been amazing. You’ve been there for them (and us) on many nights where you could have been spending time with your families and you chose to spend it with ours. We cannot thank you enough for the service and generosity that you have graced us with.

I think I can speak for the rest of our moms when I say that we wish you the best in your future family adventures. Snuggle. Spoil. Play. Take pictures. Make memories. Your grand babies are so very lucky to have women like you in their lives and they deserve the same attention you have given our littles. You will be greatly missed! We love you both!

Kathy & MOPS & MOMSnext Moms

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