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Club-Sub Fundraiser 2018

It’s that time of year again! CLUB SUB TIME!!! You can download the flyer from our blog and start selling anytime! If someone asks why the increase in price just tell them that we’ve never increased the price (have been doing the sale for many, many years) and the price of the materials to make the subs have increased. This is our biggest fundraiser of the year and many local people look forward to it!

We will be assembling the subs after 11am on Saturday February 3rd at Immanuel Lutheran Church – where we have our meetings.  Please plan to attend and help out – the more hands we have helping, the quicker we can get back to our families!  If you can help for the whole time, awesome!  If you can only help for a couple hours, that’s awesome too!!  We make it fun so please don’t miss this!

Good luck! Let Natalie or I know if you have any questions!!



Hello mamas! It finally feels a bit like fall out there now, doesn’t it?! We meet again on Tuesday 10/17 at Immanuel Lutheran Church in Leland.  Feel free to bring a friend (or two!)…we’d love to get to know more mamas in the area!

Tuesday is a pot luck day…theme: breakfast!!! Below is a list of what we all signed up to bring. If you didn’t get a chance to sign up for anything at the last meeting, feel free to pick something and bring it anyway…the more the merrier!
Belgian Waffles – Kim
Egg Something – Alissa
Strawberries – ?
Sausages – Patty
Orange Juice – Casey
Lemonaid – Ashley
Muffins – Mandy
Apple Crisp – Tina

Pancakes – Delayna
Apples – Natalie
Deviled Eggs – Kathy
Juice – Kathy
Chocolate Chip Mini Muffins – Melissa

Please don’t forget to bring your pizza order forms and money on Tuesday!
Also, if you have beads that you can donate to a MOPS craft, please bring them! MOPS moms will be making bird nest necklaces! Fun! Fun!

Let me know if you have any questions!! See you all on Tuesday!
Love Kathy


Hello mamas! SO it’s that time of year again – SUB FUNDRAISER TIME! Our community really enjoys this fundraiser (and we make a pretty good profit from it) so here we go again!  SELL! SELL! SELL! We are only doing 2 fundraisers this year (this one and flowers in April/May) so please do your best to ask your friends and family if they’d like to support our group.  The person that sells the most subs will earn TWO FREE SUBS for her family!  All moneys and orders are due to Natalie by January 30th.

In addition to selling the subs, we will be assembling the subs together at Immanuel Lutheran Church in the basement on February 4th. Your support in helping out with this is highly encouraged!! The more people we have during the assembly period the quicker the process goes and the sooner we can get back to our families! If you can make it for the whole time we’re there – perfect! If you can only make it for an hour? That’s okay too!

If you have any questions regarding this sale, please don’t hesitate to ask myself or Natalie!

Download the flyer here –> superbowlsubsaleflyer_2017

Flower Fundraiser 2016

Hello Moms! Apparently it’s been a while since I’ve updated the blog and I’m super duper sorry about that! I’ll try to be better! I’ll have to do an update blog with all of the stuff we’ve done in the last 6 months! Lots of photos to share!

We’re doing a new fundraiser this spring in leu of the wreath fundraiser over the holidays. We will be utilizing a local (and fabulous) greenhouse Plantmasters of Suttons Bay. We are selling gift certificates for an 11″ Hanging Baskets Green or White Pot for $25 each.  Once purchased the purchaser or gift recipient can go to Plantmasters of Suttons Bay and pick out their own plant!  Plants may be picked up between the dates of May 1st-15th, 2016 ONLY. These are perfect for Mother’s Day gifts!!

The sale will be going on until the end of April. All money is due to Melissa by April 29th. The mom that sells the most certificates will receive a gift certificate for a MASSAGE (seriously, ladies! YOU WANT THIS!) You may make checks payable to Immanuel Lutheran Church.  Contact any of the steering team with any questions you may have!  Happy Selling!

Here is a link to download the PDF form to keep track of your sales!


Also feel free to download the image below and share it on your social media avenues to sell to a larger crowd!


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First Meeting 2015

Wow, what a great first meeting to kick off the year! It was so nice and refreshing to see so many returning faces as well as new members, too!


We kicked the evening off with our new pastor, Pastor Joshua Lafeve, telling us a little bit about himself and his family and leading us into prayer. I believe the church and MOPS/MOMSnext will be in good hands with him nearby.

Dinner was provided by the Steering Team and consisted of cookies from Ciceros and sandwiches from The Cheese Shop.  Everything was sooo yummy and it was soooo nice not to have to cook! There was not a shortage of conversations of summer adventures and first day of school stories – it was as if we never had a hiatus between meetings.


New This Year

Thanksgiving Tree – This years theme is all about being thankful for the little and the big things that we encounter in our every day lives. To symbolize this we have created the MOPS/MOMSnext Thankgiving Tree. This tree will be at the entryway of each of our meetings and we encourage you to create an “ornament” out of the black discs provided with something or someone that you are thankful for or any prayers that you may want to share. Share as much as you want! I envision a full tree at the end of the year!


Can Drive – As I mentioned in a previous post, we will no longer be doing the wreath sale this holiday season. Instead we will be holding a Can Drive that is going on now! Everyone has until October 6th to collect pop or beer cans/bottles and bring them to the meeting that night. There’s no selling involved. Just simply asking your friends and neighbors for their recycling. It’s such a dirty job, nobody likes to do that anyway! Well, except for Winston, he loves it. Ha. So anyway…start/keep collecting and I’m sure we’ll have a good turnout.  DOWNLOAD A FLIER FOR FACEBOOK SHARING HERE!

Nursery Help – All of our help from last year has gone off to college (darn that ol’ furthering ones’ education idea!) and has thus left us in a bit of a pickle for the Moppets Program. We have one girl that will be able to help but only after vollyball season ends which is mid-october. Last night we asked for volunteers to help in the nursery during the next few meetings and THANK YOU to all that did volunteer. A member of the Steering Team will be contacting you to see when you’d like to take  your turn. However, we would like all of the Moms to be able to participate in our MOPS/MOMSnext nights so, in that spirit, please pray for a helper in the Moppets Program and/or if you know of someone that might be interested in the position (it is paid – so that could be an incentive!).


Newsletter – Melissa is our resident journalist. She puts out a kick-booty newsletter every month filled with updates, photos, member birthdays (new this year!), recipes and tons more. She’s super creative at it so we never really know what’s going to be in the next issue! SEE SEPTEMBER’S NEWSLETTER HERE. If you have a recipe or announcement that you’d like to share, contact Melissa at

Pot Lucks – Every other meeting we hold a pot luck for our dinner (kiddos, too).  At the meeting prior we sign up for what we’d like to bring and you’ll find that list here on the blog and/or on our Facebook Group page. We will send out reminders as the pot luck meeting nears as if any of you are anything like me, I’d forget my head if it weren’t attached!  Below is the sign up list for next week. The theme? MEXICAN!
9/22 Pot Luck List

Can Drive


Hello Ladies! This fall we are trying something new for a fundraiser (we will not be doing the wreath sale this winter). No, we’re not selling anything, you can thank us on Tuesday, ha ha! We are going to be collecting soda and beer cans/bottles and returning them for the Michigan Recycle Refund.  All you have to do is reach out to your family and friends and ask for their cans and bottles. Bring them to the October 6th meeting and I (Kathy) will take on the task of taking them all back. It’s dirty work but hey, somebody’s got to do it!  If anyone wants to volunteer to help in this task, I won’t deny anyone the pleasure!  Let me know if you have any questions about this drive.

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Sub Fundraiser Information

It’s that time of year again – Club-Sub Fundraiser!  This is probably one of the easiest fundraisers we have because everyone LOVES OUR SUBS!

Email or text your final orders to Natalie by January 26th: / 231-432-0424
Please make checks payable to: Immanuel Lutheran Church.  All monies collected are due to Natalie by February 3rd (at our MOPS meeting).

All subs include:

  • Ham
  • Turkey
  • Cheddar Cheese
  • 12″ Hoagie Bun

On the side the following items are provided:

  • Lettuce
  • Tomato
  • Onion
  • Super Secret Special Sauce

Each sub is $8.00 or you can get 6 for $40.00.  If you purchase 5, you get a 6th for FREE!!  6 subs will feed 12-16 adults – perfect for the Super Bowl on Sunday, February 1st!


We will be gathering at Rachel Spinniken’s home to assemble the subs on the morning on January 31st at 9:30.  The process usually goes pretty quickly as we have it pretty nailed down.  The more people we have involved in the assembly process the quicker it will go.  If you need to bring your kiddos that is A-OK! The kids can play together while we assemble!  Please message Rachel, Natalie, Melissa, Alissa or I for addess and/or directions.

Download your printable order form HERE!




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UPDATE: Wreath Fundraiser Extras! DISCOUNTED PRICES!!

We have extra products from our Wreath Fundraiser that we must sell!  Below are the items still available.  Please let us know if you have sold one of them so we can update our quantities and aren’t selling products we no longer have 🙂  Thanks so much, ladies!  From here on out, it’s money in our bank!

  • 3 Victorian Wreaths ($26 Now $25.00)
  • 1 Victorian Spray ($22 Now $20.00)
  • 3 Cranberry Splash Sprays ($23 Now $20.00)
  • 2 Candle Centerpieces ($27  Now $25.00)


WreathsSwagsTree and Centerpiece

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UPDATE: Wreath Fundraiser Extras!

We have extra products from our Wreath Fundraiser that we must sell!  Below are the items still available.  Please let us know if you have sold one of them so we can update our quantities and aren’t selling products we no longer have 🙂  Thanks so much, ladies!  From here on out, it’s money in our bank!

  • 4 Victorian Wreaths ($26)
  • 1 Victorian Spray ($22)
  • 4 Cranberry Splash Sprays ($23)
  • 3 Candle Centerpieces ($27)


WreathsSwagsTree and Centerpiece

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Wreath Fundraiser

Just in case you haven’t received your packet of information yet for our annual Holiday Wreath Fundraiser, I am attaching photos and a PDF of the catalog with the prices for you to do with what you wish…share this post, download and email or print out…your choice 😉

Rough order numbers are due by FRIDAY, OCTOBER 25th. 

All sales need to be final by NOVEMBER 1st.

We know this is a short period of time, but we know you can do it!!

Expected delivery for the orders is between November 17th and 22nd so you can deliver them to your friends and family during the Thanksgiving Holiday.  Please feel free to ask ANY questions you may have to Alissa, Natalie, Melissa, Rachel or I…we are happy to help!


WreathsSwagsTree and CenterpieceWreath Gifts

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