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Club-Sub Fundraiser 2018

It’s that time of year again! CLUB SUB TIME!!! You can download the flyer from our blog and start selling anytime! If someone asks why the increase in price just tell them that we’ve never increased the price (have been doing the sale for many, many years) and the price of the materials to make the subs have increased. This is our biggest fundraiser of the year and many local people look forward to it!

We will be assembling the subs after 11am on Saturday February 3rd at Immanuel Lutheran Church – where we have our meetings.  Please plan to attend and help out – the more hands we have helping, the quicker we can get back to our families!  If you can help for the whole time, awesome!  If you can only help for a couple hours, that’s awesome too!!  We make it fun so please don’t miss this!

Good luck! Let Natalie or I know if you have any questions!!



December 5th Meeting


Hello Mamas! I cannot believe that November is nearly over! I hope everyone had a great weekend with their families.

Looking forward, the stearing team has decided to move our holiday party to our next meeting, Tuesday, December 5th. We will be cancelling our formal meeting on 12/19, however, we are planning an informal get-together that night. This will be discussed at our next meeting to decide on what to do.

This is the plan for our next meeting: MOPS and MOMSnext will be staying together!!
Meal – provided by Jennifer Grant – yummy!!!
Activity – GIFT BASKETS: We’ll be putting together gift baskets for our volunteers, Esther & Dianne, and making cards for the nursery helpers.  If you would like to donate a gift to one or both of the baskets for Esther or Dianne please bring it to the meeting. Esther and Dianne do not get paid to be with our kiddos during our meetings so we like to show our appreciation for them during the holidays and at our MOPS Sunday breakfast in the spring.
WHITE ELEPHANT GIFT EXCHANGE: Bring a wrapped gift for our annual white elephant gift exchange. This can be a re-gift, an item you no longer want at home, or a purchased gift $5 or under.

Let me know if you have any questions! I hope to see you all next Tuesday night!
5:45 PM at Immanuel Lutheran Church in Leland

If you haven’t read the fall edition of our newsletter, you can read it here! MOPSNewsletter-OCT

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Hello mamas! It finally feels a bit like fall out there now, doesn’t it?! We meet again on Tuesday 10/17 at Immanuel Lutheran Church in Leland.  Feel free to bring a friend (or two!)…we’d love to get to know more mamas in the area!

Tuesday is a pot luck day…theme: breakfast!!! Below is a list of what we all signed up to bring. If you didn’t get a chance to sign up for anything at the last meeting, feel free to pick something and bring it anyway…the more the merrier!
Belgian Waffles – Kim
Egg Something – Alissa
Strawberries – ?
Sausages – Patty
Orange Juice – Casey
Lemonaid – Ashley
Muffins – Mandy
Apple Crisp – Tina

Pancakes – Delayna
Apples – Natalie
Deviled Eggs – Kathy
Juice – Kathy
Chocolate Chip Mini Muffins – Melissa

Please don’t forget to bring your pizza order forms and money on Tuesday!
Also, if you have beads that you can donate to a MOPS craft, please bring them! MOPS moms will be making bird nest necklaces! Fun! Fun!

Let me know if you have any questions!! See you all on Tuesday!
Love Kathy

September Newsletter

Hello mamas! In case you missed last meeting, here is the newsletter from our last meeting!


Don’t forget to sell sell sell on those pizza fundraisers! We’ll be turning those in on Tuesday 🙂

2017-18 Theme – Free Indeed

By now most of you have received your MOPS registration packets in the mail filled with goodies for the next year. I have been diving in and I am so incredibly excited to share it with you, learn more about each one of you and share more of myself with you. Our mothering tribe is so near and dear to my heart and I am so grateful to share this journey with all of you amazing ladies!  Here’s a sneak peak of what this year’s theme is all about 🙂 ENJOY!  Love Kathy


Hello mamas! SO it’s that time of year again – SUB FUNDRAISER TIME! Our community really enjoys this fundraiser (and we make a pretty good profit from it) so here we go again!  SELL! SELL! SELL! We are only doing 2 fundraisers this year (this one and flowers in April/May) so please do your best to ask your friends and family if they’d like to support our group.  The person that sells the most subs will earn TWO FREE SUBS for her family!  All moneys and orders are due to Natalie by January 30th.

In addition to selling the subs, we will be assembling the subs together at Immanuel Lutheran Church in the basement on February 4th. Your support in helping out with this is highly encouraged!! The more people we have during the assembly period the quicker the process goes and the sooner we can get back to our families! If you can make it for the whole time we’re there – perfect! If you can only make it for an hour? That’s okay too!

If you have any questions regarding this sale, please don’t hesitate to ask myself or Natalie!

Download the flyer here –> superbowlsubsaleflyer_2017

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hello Mamas! I want to start this post off just by saying how grateful I am for each and every one of your beautiful ladies.  Seriously, I don’t know what kind of mother I’d be if I didn’t have all of you in my life. Probably a frazzled, high strung and not-fun mom. And my kids & husband probably wouldn’t be as happy as they are (most of the time 😉 ).  THANK YOU for being YOU!

A few housekeeping items about our next meeting on December 6th. This is our only meeting in December!

Our meal will be provided by Jen Grant so no need to worry about bringing any food items.  How blessed are we to have our last 3 meals provided for us? What an amazing host church Immanuel Lutheran has been to us!

We are making this meeting our Holiday Party. It will be SO MUCH FUN you will not want to leave!! (Does anyone ever want to leave anyway? We’re a pretty awesome group of people!)

A few things about the 12/6 meeting:

  • Bring a white elephant gift – either a crafty item, baked goods or that pan that’s been in your truck for 3 months. Wrap it up and we’re going to play a game!
  • Wear your Ugly Holiday Sweaters!!!
  • We will be having a raffle of items that the steering team has picked out just for you gals so don’t miss this meeting! Lots of fun stuff!!!

November 15 Meeting Review

Wire Angel OrnamentThis meeting was a lot of fun as we had our entire MOPS and MOMSnext groups together to make wire angels to hand out at the Leelanau Christian Neighbors Baby Pantry moms that visit the pantry during the Christmas season.  Each one of us has special artistic abilities and each angle was unique which is why I ultimately loved this project. I hope each angel brings a little joy to a mom’s day!  Here’s a link to the project that I found on #Pinterest in case you want to try it out at home.

Wire Angel Ornament



November 1 Meeting Review

DID YOU KNOW… It takes millions of years for a star’s light to reach our eyes, meaning you are seeing stars from long ago. Looking at the night sky is like looking back in time 100,000 years. (reference)

Isn’t that crazy?! So this night the MOPS went just down the street (more like 6 or 7 blocks ha ha) to Talitha’s home where she had warm apple cider & a roaring backyard fire waiting for us. It was a beautiful night for stargazing with amazing women!  The moon was full and the stars were twinkling away. I think someone even saw a shooting star! It was amazing to put into perspective how small we actually are in comparison to the universe that surrounds us.  We also downloaded an app to see all of the constellations and planets up above which is pretty cool. I’ve showed it to the boys and they think it’s pretty awesome too. It’s free and worth a download!

Startracker for Android  Startracker for iPhone

Here are a few pictures from that night 🙂

download_20161123_183605 download_20161123_183558 download_20161123_183551

Before I sign off on this post, say a quick prayer for Melissa as she’s due to have Baby Girl, like yesterday! Pray for a swift and stress-free delivery and for a healthy baby and mama ❤

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!

MOPS & MOMSnext Meeting 10/18

Hello, Ladies! We have our first pot luck on Tuesday! I think the pot luck nights are my favorite because we get to try a little piece of each one of you!! Below is a list of what we all signed up to bring 😀 We will see everyone on Tuesday!!


Main Dishes – Chilli (Delayna) & A Salad (Alissa)

Side Dishes – Pineapple Casserole (Kim), Corn Bread (Mandy) & Fresh Veggies and Dip (Anonymous)

Beverages – Cider (Kathy) & Juice (Emily)

Dessert – Pumpkin Bars (Natalie) & Apple Pie (Melissa)

Kids Meals

Main Dish – TBD (Talitha)

Side Dishes – Apples (Alissa) & Carrots and celery w/dip (Casey)

Beverage – Juice (Kathy)

Dessert – Banana Bread w/o nuts (Tabitha)

Wine Cork Pumpkins

So this is the craft that we’ll be doing Tuesday night. The corks are being donated by Rove Estate – thank you! We do need everyone to bring a hot glue gun and glue sticks if you have one. This will make this craft go swiftly and ensure everyone gets a chance to complete at least one pumpkin! I am SO excited to do this craft!

MOPS Tonight!

MOPS and MOMSnext is meeting again tonight! Same bat-station, same bat-channel (Immanuel Lutheran Church in Leland at 5:45PM) !  Dinner and childcare are provided!

I don’t know about you, but I feel like this awesome lady in this video on our MOPS days. Who agrees with me?!

We saw her on stage at the MOMCON this last weekend and she is just as much of an inspirational speaker and she is a flawless dancer!  ENJOY!

Welcome Back! Our first meeting

Welcome back, Ladies! Wow what an amazing and busy summer! I enjoyed my summer but boy am I glad to be back to a routine…who’s with me?!

We had our first meeting of the season last week and it was so great to see so many returning faces and SO INCREDIBLY refreshing to see new ones as well!

This year’s theme is “We are the starry eyed” and we are pretty excited about it.  If you missed our meeting, check out this video from #MOPS that decpicts perfectly what we’re in for this year 🙂

At the meeting we handed out magnets for your fridge with the dates for our year – please contact one of the members of the steering team if you did not get one!

We decided to bring back #MomsNext this year in a formal capacity. Natalie Korson and Kim Gordon will be coordinating – thank you for stepping up ladies!  For those that are wondering what #MomsNext is – it is the next step for those Moms that have children older than five years old. The discussions #MomsNext have are geared toward the older children and the stages you will be facing together. The bulk of what we do with #MOPS and #MomsNext will be together (eating and activities) just the discussions will be separate. If you have any questions on whether #MomsNext is right for you, contact Kim or Natalie.

Our next meeting is on October 4 and our meal is being provided by the church 🙂

download_20160926_141713 download_20160926_141727 download_20160926_141736 download_20160926_141741 img_20160920_193759482


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